​Rice City Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics:

Boys or girls ages 4 years - 5 years will enjoy this 1 hour skill oriented class! This is a more structured class with more emphasis on basic gymnastic skills. This class starts with a warm up and includes gymnastic events such as uneven bars, balance beam, vault, tumbling, and trampoline. We do incorporate exciting themes with these classes as well for added fun, but will work more on skill development with this age group!

Toddler Gymnastics:

Boys and girls ages 2 years-3 years will enjoy this 45 minute class! We concentrate on basic gymnastics skills, motor skill development, as well as over-all fitness. Your child will use all of the gymnastics equipment including uneven bars, balance beam, vault, and trampoline! Your child will learn lots of forward and backward rolls and be introduced to cartwheels. They will also learn the basic gymnastic positions, walks on the balance beam, and swinging and supports on the bars. We create a weekly theme along with our lesson plan for added fun while learning. This is a great class for you and your child to meet new friends and bond with each other!

Toddler & Preschool Gymnastics